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Signal Surgical

Signal Surgical is a distributor for Orthofix International, a $150 million company. Signal Surgical distributes more than 200 medical products used for rehabilitation and pain management, including braces and cold-therapy devices. The company’s products are endorsed by professional athletes, and are used after injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), elbow, knee, ankle, shoulder, and more. Signal Surgical sells its medical products to doctors, medical clinics, and hospitals. Signal Surgical also sells home rehab therapy kits for use with ankle, knee, or shoulder injuries.

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McNally Industries

McNally is a military contractor serving customers such as Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, United States Air Force, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Department of Defense.
NEXus marketing professionals conducted market research on the feasibility of a new product; conducted market research on consumer needs; identified core customer needs and developed a brand theme; developed advertising campaign around the brand theme; guided strategic market planning.



Prangles, a national sales training company desired to position itself as the high-end leader in hospitality sales training.

Nexus marketing professionals conducted marketing research; developed the product concept; developed the brand personality; developed and executed a strategic marketing plan; designed graphics and packaging components to “fit” the brand personality; developed and produced advertising materials; developed and executed a direct marketing program; developed and produced the training materials and video materials; hired, trained, and retained a motivated sales force; developed strategic alliances with state associations and select vendors; developed and executed an award winning tradeshow plan, developed and executed a public relations plan.


Santi Corporation

Former Aveda executives designed and developed a line of hair care products intended to compete in the premium “space” of the hair care category. The end result was a premium line of hair products called “Santi”.

CenterCore Marketing professionals conducted a competitive assessment of the premium hair care space and then developed a distinctive position within that space. In an effort to clearly denominate the target customer and his/her needs, CenterCore conducted marketing research. CenterCore Marketing professionals then developed a “positioning statement” and then initiated the process of forging a strong brand personality. Corporate identity design, package design, graphic design, and channel design were all crafted in a manner that created a strong, compelling; “one-voice” message for Santi hair care products.