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Digital marketing revolves around the internet and any digital channel that is data base driven; each digital channel should offer data tracking and reporting. It includes search engine optimization, mobile phones, wireless text & instant messaging, blogging, RSS, video streams, podcasting, email, online advertising, social media; and a variety of other digital channels. In addition to digital marketing’s ability to report activity results, digital marketing messages reach targeted customers in a timely, relevant, personal, and cost-effective manner. Digital marketing becomes even more powerful when it is integrated with traditional marketing.

Marketing managers are increasingly under pressure to report marketing activity results. Given digital marketing’s ability to report results, marketing managers are beginning to allocate more of their marketing budget dollars to digital marketing activities; at the expense of traditional marketing activities where results may be more difficult to track.

Pizza Hut launched a high-performance digital media campaign by creating an app that customers could download onto their mobile phone. The app allowed customers to create their own pizza by dragging their chosen toppings onto a picture of a basic pizza crust. The customer’s mobile phone would then submit the pizza order to the closest pizza hut restaurant. Pizza Hut used an integrated approach to this digital media campaign by advertising online, in print, and on radio and television.

In a two-week period, Pizza Hut’s app was downloaded 100,000 times and resulted in $1 million more dollars in pizza orders. The Pizza Hut app now has millions of users.

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