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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for acquiring new customers, for communicating promotional offers, for delivering information that nurtures and deepens customer loyalty, and for cross-selling products to existing customers. It is important to remember that email marketing is as much about Public Relations (PR) as it is about sales. As it is with “Junk Mail”, an organization can lose current and potential customers by sending “Junk E-mail”; commonly referred to as “Spam.”

The success of an email marketing campaign is dependent upon three questions:

  • Who is the email sent to and how often?
  • What is written in the subject-line of the email?
  • What is the email offering?

If an organization sends direct mail offers to consumers that aren’t interested, the mail piece will be perceived as “Junk Mail” and will be immediately trashed by the home owners. In the same way, if an organization sends email to the wrong target market, the recipient will immediately “delete” it. Sending emails to consumers that are not at all interested in your company’s offering is an incredible waste of marketing time and dollars. Nexus Marketing  refers to this as ineffective marketing; it is the most expensive form of marketing, marketing that doesn’t work!

Even though your organizations sends emails to consumers that may have an interest in your email offering, the next question becomes, will the recipients open the email based on what they read in the subject-line? The subject-line of an email offering is much like the envelop of a direct mail offering, if the envelop doesn’t get opened the offer doesn’t get read; if the email subject-line does not compel your customer to open the email, your email offer will not get read, it will get deleted! Developing a compelling, OPEN ME, email subject-line takes a great amount of consumer understanding and creativity.

Even though an email gets sent to consumers that may have an interest in your email offering, and the subject-line is compelling enough that a consumer opens the email, the next question becomes, is the email offer value-adding to the consumers life; is it a compelling enough offer that gets the consumer to respond right now! If the email offer is not value-adding to the consumer’s life, the consumer will not respond to the email offering; and worse, the consumer may begin to think that any future emails from your organization should be relegated to the non-value-adding “spam” filter.

We invite you to discover how Nexus Marketing can develop an email marketing program that strengthens your organization’s connection to current and potential customers. Please click on the contact button below; complete and submit the contact form and a Nexus Marketing professional will get in touch with you promptly.

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