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Online Advertising

As with any successful traditional advertising, successful online advertising is dependent on an ads ability to move a reader to some sort of stated action; buy a product, generate sales leads, request more information, download a whitepaper, etc.  Action is driven by a well-designed, compelling ad message, either textual or graphical. Online ad creators need to consider elements such as the message itself, the colors, the font styles, the size of the ad, click-through destination, and the placement of the online ad.

The online message development strategy is framed within the creative alignment of the “copy”, “art”, and “production” elements of the message. The words (copy) a company uses in a message, need to be aligned with what the customer sees (art) in the message; and the copy and art need to be produced in a manner that is aligned with the overall message; in a manner that strengthens the message. If any one of the copy, art, or production elements is not aligned, the message will be weak and not credible; the message will erode your brand equity. Yes, ineffective advertising can stop your current customers from buying, and potential customers from coming onboard.

One basic question needs to be asked of every organization, is our advertising working???? THe only way to answer that question is to measure advertising’s results. An organization cannot manage what it doesn’t measure, and so measuring and tracking an organization’s keyword and online ad performance is critical for insuring that online advertising dollars are optimally being spent.  Developing a metric dashboard to measure online ad spending is critical to optimizing the advertising budget. An organization needs to have a mindset of continuous improvement.

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