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Full-Service Integrated Marketing


The increasing fragmentation and outsourcing of marketing activities is creating a performance conflict between marketing activities. In other words, innovative, potentially impactful marketing activities are not reaching their full potential because of other underperforming marketing activities; marketing activities that were either poorly planned, poorly executed or non-existent; we have seen the destructive effects of “siloed” marketing activities. Nexus Marketing Professionals realized a high-performance marketing strategy cannot be designed without embracing an integrated marketing philosophy. Integrated marketing is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication activities in a manner that clearly and consistently communicates the organization’s brand promise both internally and externally.

In an effort to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s overall marketing performance, NEXus marketing professionals developed a proprietary analysis system that MAPS™ out the performance interchange between marketing activities.

Marketing activities that weaken the performance of other marketing activities are identified; the underperforming marketing activities are then replaced with high-performance, growth generating, brand strengthening marketing activities. The end result is a highly integrated, effective and efficient marketing program that leads to top-line and bottom-line growth–this is our brand promise to you! Marketing is Our Passion! Nexus Marketing Professionals are passionately devoted to serving the total marketing needs of our clients. We are passionately committed to the innovation of highly-effective and highly-efficient integrated marketing programs. Nexus marketing is a one-stop, fully integrated marketing firm that has the resources to effectively and efficiently address your company’s unique marketing needs. As a full-service marketing firm, we perform all of the marketing activities listed below. More importantly, we insure that every marketing activity is integrated in a manner that strengthens your organization’s connection to the marketplace! Performance Based Marketing & Innovative Marketing


Strategic Marketing
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Traditional Marketing
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Digital Marketing
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Social Media Marketing
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