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Social Media Management

Social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, and Flicker have turned the marketing world up-side-down.  As consumers are increasingly finding ways to block one-way, interruption, get in your face traditional advertising messages; organizations will have to become increasingly savvy at using social media platforms to communicate with current and potential consumers; it may soon be the only way to reach current and potential customers with the organization’s message. That’s not to say that organizations should throw traditional advertising media (radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, billboard etc.) out the window. Indeed, integrating traditional advertising with social media marketing activities can often times be exponentially more impact-full than using them independent of each other.

Social Media Management involves developing, managing, and monitoring all of an organization’s systems and policies that govern outbound and inbound customer interaction via social media platforms. Managing all of the social media activities of an organization can be challenging, but it must be done. Fortune-1000  companies have the resources to hire social media managers to overlook a social media department. Most small to midsize companies do not have the resources to hire a social media manager, much less develop a social media department; social media activities are usually relegated to time-starved owners, managers, and/or employees.

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