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Strategic Marketing

It is often said that leadership can be defined as “doing the right thing” and that management can be defined as “doing things right”. If that is the case, strategy is the leadership component of the organization because it has to do with “doing the right thing”. Strategy is a function of how you deploy your organization’s time and money. Strategic marketing involves a commitment of resources to a particular course of action; once resources have been committed, it is very difficult to change direction without incurring some kind of penalty; and so a company’s strategic decisions must be well thought out.

Strategic marketing decisions such as:
  • How are we going to grow this company’s top-line and bottom-line?
  • What environmental events will present our company with new market and/or product opportunities?
  • What environmental events threaten our existing markets and/or products? How should we deploy resources in an effort to either take advantage of a new market or product opportunity?
  • How should we deploy resources in an effort to alleviate/eliminate a threat to existing markets and/or products?
  • Should we try to gain market-share by penetrating our existing markets?
  • How are we going to increase our customer base?
  • How are we going to increase our customers average purchase (add more value to their life)?
  • How are we going to increase purchase frequency?
  • Should we market our present products to new markets?
  • Which new markets should we target with our present products?
  • Are there segments of the market we could target?
  • Should we develop new products for our present markets?
  • Which new products should we develop?
  • Should we develop new products for new market(s)?
  • Which new products should we develop?
  • Which new markets should we target with the new product(s)?
  • How should we position our product in the marketplace?
  • What personality should we give the brand?

An organization’s marketing objectives flow from the above strategic marketing decisions.
NEXus marketing professionals use a combination of analytical tools and seasoned business experience to help your organization make strategic marketing decisions. After making strategic marketing decisions that guide your organization toward “doing the right things”, you can then turn your attention to “doing those things right”; to begin writing a blue print for success. Such a blue print is called a marketing plan.

We invite you to discover how Nexus Marketing can help your organization identify potential threats to your products/revenue, and also identify new market opportunities for growing future revenue. Please click on the contact button below; complete and submit the contact form and a Nexus Marketing professional will get in touch with you promptly.

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