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Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, and independent examination of the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s marketing activities; it is a marketing reality check! In the same way that an accounting audit examines an organization’s income and balance sheets for organizational performance shortfalls and opportunities, a marketing audit examines all of the marketing activities in the marketing environment in an effort to identify performance shortfalls and opportunities. In the same way that an accounting audit must be performed on a periodic basis, marketing audits must be performed on a periodic basis; preferably by an independent, non-biased marketing auditor that is not employed by the company.

Nexus Marketing professionals will conduct an unbiased comprehensive examination of your company’s marketing activities in the areas of marketing strategy, traditional marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing.  Using our proprietary MAPS system, performance shortfalls of your organization’s existing marketing activities will be identified and innovative recommendations for improvement will be offered. Potential marketing opportunities will also be identified and recommendations will be offered.

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