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Customer Relationship CRM

High-performance marketers not only drive high customer acquisition rates, they also drive high customer retention rates; retention rates of high-profit customers.  Although we know that customer retention is vital to an organization, it is also important to realize that not all customers are created equal;  it is important to identify and value-rank customers based on their profitability. Customer retention programs are then designed around the highly profitable customers; and systems are put in place that allows unprofitable customers to self-select themselves out of the customer base.  A high-performance CRM system should:

  • Identify an organization’s best and worst customers based on profitability
  • Manage marketing campaigns targeted at specific target markets
  • Provide marketing with a total understanding of customers
  • Improve decision making as it relates to A, B, and C customer types
  • Improve call center performance
  • Improved cross selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Provide anytime/anywhere access of customer data
  • Increase marketing productivity
  • Promote a data sharing team-work mindset
  • Improve customer retention through a better customer experience
  • Decrease customer management costs
  • Generate quality leads for the sales team
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