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Direct Mail

A well designed direct mail/email program can be powerful in its ability to target current and potential customers with a compelling offer that either generates an immediate customer buy response, or at least opens the door to a future buy. Integrated with digital media, direct mail/email can strengthen an organization’s marketing program. More importantly, the effectiveness of a direct mail/email campaign can be tracked and monitored. By testing alternative lists, offers, packages, or other elements, you can make incremental improvements in the customer response rate. An effective direct mail/email marketing piece can range from a simple post card to an elaborate package containing product samples or other promotional materials; however sophisticated, a highly-effective direct mail/email program begins with:

  • Setting specific, clearly defined objectives for a highly effective direct mail program
  • Clearly identifying the target audience
  • Acquiring “clean” mailing lists
  • Aligning direct mail strategy with brand identity
  • Developing a highly relevant, differentiated, and compelling message
  • Creating a powerfully stimulating package
  • Developing a tracking and testing system
  • Integrating the direct mail/email program with current and potential communication vehicles

Nexus direct mail/email professionals approach every campaign from a results-oriented perspective. Our professionals are prepared to listen to your needs and then develop an effective direct mail/email program that achieves your company’s marketing objectives.

We invite you to learn how Nexus Marketing’s Direct Mail professionals will design and/or deliver a high-performance direct mail campaign; a campaign that drives your organization’s top-line and bottom-line. Please click on the contact button below; complete and submit the contact form and a Nexus Marketing professional will get in touch with you promptly.
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