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International Marketing

For most organizations, growth at some point will need to come from sales that are beyond domestic boundaries.  There are many strategic marketing questions that need to be addressed when international growth opportunities present themselves. One major question relates to the distribution (place) aspect of the marketing strategy; do we produce domestically and ship, or do we move production closer to the international market? Another major marketing related question is; can we use the same marketing strategy that is used in our domestic market, or do we have to revise the marketing strategy to “fit” in the new market. Trying to “fit” an organization’s current domestic marketing strategy into an international market that requires a different marketing strategy is a recipe for disaster.

We invite you to learn how Nexus Marketing can help your organization grow beyond it domestic boundary. Our international marketing specialists have years of experience at introducing and growing organizations into global markets.  Please click on the contact button below; complete and submit the contact form and a Nexus Marketing professional will get in touch with you promptly.
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